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Newfangled Commerce can aid in the propagation of Candidate and Issue based campaigns for races as small as the city council to issues that wind up on state ballots. 

As consumption habits change, the way to access voters and constituents needs to be constantly evolving.  To accomplish a ‘win’ for our client, we carefully research these candidates or issues, work to learn the competition.  We stop just short of assigning a representative to manage your campaign, however, we have successfully worked with candidates that manage their own campaigns and campaign managers to help target a victory.

To achieve success we use an arsenal of the tools at our disposal including: 

  • Web/Blog Development

  • Viral Fundraising

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Viral Video Creation/Production/Implementation

  • Email Marketing

  • Textcasting

  • Shortcode Keywords

  • Logo/Slogan Development

  • Direct Mail

  • Radio/TV Creative & Placement

  • Digital Ad Placement

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Yard signs & Banners

Get confidential information about retaining Newfangled commerce for your campaign or issue.

*Includes candidate position exclusivity.

*Videos must be shot in Western Washington

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