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Newfangled Commerce is a collective of well weathered advertising professionals who are united by a simple but powerful concept; to influence positive actions. Unlike most “Digital Only” Agencies, we are (and have been) advertising professionals for most of our lives and the depth of our combined experience coupled with the fact that we’ve successfully worked with every imaginable category of business, most always leads to the results our clients are after.  Furthermore, unlike most terrestrial Ad Agencies, Newfangled Commerce joins our “Influence know how” with amazing new digital frontiers, constantly re-educating ourselves about new tools and strategies to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Seattle Team

Seattle TEAM

Blake Messer has steered the creative and placement for more than 2,500 advertising campaigns on radio, TV, print, and digital media for some of America’s biggest brands, hometown entrepreneurs and news-making start-ups.  His award-winning copywriting and voice-over work can be heard on radio and TV stations across the country.  Messer has launched thousands of viral digital campaigns that live in the inboxes and social media profiles of the consumers of his clients around the world.  Messer was the keynote speaker for a 75 city international speaking tour sponsored by chambers of commerce, business organization, and broadcasters.  His high-energy workshops focus on effective ways to connect customers to cash registers with both traditional advertising and social media.  His book, 'Zen & the Art of Sales', has been read by entrepreneurs, marketing students and business leaders around the world."  Blake loves working shoulder to shoulder with verdant entrepreneurs. Blake is a longtime Rotarian, Past President of Multiple Chambers of Commerce, and former Advisory Board Member for the Salvation Army.

Blake Messer

The Dude

From: David Webber "hey dude- here's a short n sweet bio for the site:  Graphic designer, video editor & music producer; likes humor, cosmology, Sci-Fi, electronic music, scary movies, animals, and things that roll."  

David Webber may be a man of few words, but copious talent.  In addition to seeing and approving virtually every graphic that goes out on behalf of Newfangled Commerce since 2012, David also tirelessly works to ensure every one of our brand partners is delivered more than our team promises.  David brings a unique 'customer driven' perspective and applies boundless creativity to anything with his fingerprints on it.  In his spare time, David makes House, Dance, EDM, Trance, Dubstep, and Trip Hop beats.  Check em' out here…your life will improve. 

David webber

Creative Director

Colton grew up in the hilly farmlands of Eastern Washington, but always held a preference for keyboards over combines. After graduating from University with a degree in International Business, Colton served at companies who seated more employees than there were residents of his hometown. He simply wasn't satisfied being so distanced from the beneficiaries of the business. Colton comes to Newfangled Commerce as a digital marketing executionist whose drive is to help independent enterprises make full use of the technology and methods available to turn strangers into customers


Digital Fronteirsman

Louisville Team


A graduate of Michigan State University, Mr. Holmes has been a contributing columnist for Small Market Radio Newsletter, Radio and Production, Radio Sales Cafe and others; a consultant on web logs; a teacher of radio copywriting; along with representing the radio industry to the non-broadcast industry, and a voting member of the Radio Hall of Fame. He has worked in local radio markets in sizes from St. Cloud to St. Louis providing talent coaching, sales training, client consultations and results-driven radio advertising. Mr. Holmes is also an awarded free-lance photojournalist and a trained Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service.

Neil Holmes

Chief Copy Writer

Eugene team


Patric J. Miller has a 40 year career in media buying, broadcast consulting and multimedia production. As an Emmy Award winning producer and composer, his music has appeared in hundreds of commercial and broadcast programs.  With more than 20 years of agency background and media buying, along with 20 years of new media and internet/multimedia/social media experience, he is well versed and experienced in every aspect of advertising and entertainment arts. His resume spans across television, film, radio, pod-casting, blogging, social media and public relations.  He has been in Eugene, Oregon since 1983, and continues to provide multimedia tools, resources and marketing consulting through his companies.   In addition to his work with forward thinking companies Pat is also active with Habitat for Humanity, National Heifer Project, Eugene Emergency Housing Board, Big Brother Program Youth Mentor Program,  Eugene Southtown Rotary, and he is Founding director  of Friends of Buyijja.

Patric j. miller


Anchorage Team


Dr. Dan Etulain has successfully navigated the television broadcast waters for decades.  Dan's resume includes owning and operating North Star Television Network, the NBC affiliates for Southeast Alaska and ME-TV in Anchorage Alaska. Dan is a Cosak Cap recipient, a Member of the Alaska Broadcasters Association, a multiple Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary and one of the most positive people on the planet Earth. 

Dr. Dan Etulain



Jim Wood is a Oklahoma Radio icon.  In addition to being one of the most familiar voices on the dial from Tulsa to OKC, Jim heads up Newfangled Commerce Mid-Country account operations.  Mr. Wood is relentless, when it comes to advocating for his clients and thoughtful when it comes to the communication with the customers.  Despite the fact that the OKC Thunder were stolen from the fans of Seattle, (and Jim is a big OKC Thunder fan) the Newfangled Commerce Seattle team still love and respect Jim and his clever strategies to help clients.   




Charlotte team

With over a decade of experience composing and producing award-winning musical postscores and jingles for the likes of Pizza Hut, the Colorado Rockies, VisionWorks and AT&T Paradyne, Scotty Campbell has put a background in musical composition, theatre and vocal performance to good use. Born in New York City, he resides today in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Scotty Campbell

Jingle Composer

New York

New york

Who knew that watching a live VO session at the age of 18 would start a fire to pursue this crazy career? From voicing promos for National networks to making you laugh with character voices to providing your pharmaceutical or banking information over the phone, Linda Bruno has been tagged a renaissance woman.

Her voice has been described as the perfect mix, appealing to both the male and female demographics being Warm, Caring, Approachable, and Friendly. She’s the girl next-door or young mom with diversity for dramatic interpretations while still maintaining an approachable feel. 

Clients: Walmart, Pfizer, Disney Asia, HSN, The Weather Channel, Fandango, United Airlines, TLC – The Learning Channel, CNBC, Stride Gum, VH1, Nickelodeon, Verizon, Costco, McDonalds, AT&T, Kraft Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Duck Brand Adhesive, Universal Comedy Network.

E-Learning Clients: Toshiba, Verizon, Pfizer, Bosch, Santrax Data.

Linda bruno

The Renaissance Woman


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