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As an 'Agency Of Record', Newfangled Commerce works on behalf of our clients with broadcasters across America on securing the best possible rate on effective proven schedules that work.  We are very particular about the stations we select and dive much deeper than most ad agencies.  Those on the Newfangled Commerce Placement Team have owned and managed TV & Radio Stations. Others have been on the buying side as a client spending millions of their own money on campaigns.  That said we understand just how important every dollar is that is invested in each campaign. 
We do not:
 A. Place campaigns based only on spots and dots from survey companies that sample only a small cross section of any given market. 
 B. Take the station’s reps word on the size and scope of their station’s audience. 
 C. Place ROS or DAP schedules on under ANY circumstance. 
 D. Tolerate any outdated copy or commercials running for your business.
 E. Buy off the “shelf rates” for our clients. 
Newfangled Commerce Does:
Work to find the stations that have an audience with the right demographic for your brand.
Negotiate win-win rates for our clients and broadcasters. 
Use tried and true benchmark placement strategies that lean on viewers/listeners being creatures of habit, and ads are placed to effectively reach the same audience over and over with multiple impressions for your brand.
Conceive brilliant/memorable campaigns that will garner a response. 
Check station references
Make sure all other non-broadcast campaigns are in stereo with your schedule of broadcast ads for maximum impact. 

The majority of those associated with Newfangled Commerce have deep Broadcasting backgrounds having successfully owned/managed stations and (more importantly) drive strong returns for the advertisers of those stations.  

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