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 This is a plan that lasts 1 year and consists of all of the components listed below. YES - everything for a ridiculously low monthly investment. How can we do this for a small price? Most of our staff suffered head injuries from a team-building keel boat outing.  For pricing details, click here and we'll connect you with a Rabble-Rouser of Commerce!


  • EMAIL MARKETING 24 campaigns delivered to your subscribers (12 campaigns, each delivered twice.)

  • CUSTOM ARTWORK - Our award winning graphic designers build beautiful campaigns that inspire opens, clicks and results.

  • LANDING PAGES 12 custom landing pages with digital couponing abilities, auto email reply functions, instant audio and more.

  • FACEBOOK 24 Facebook status updates coherent with email campaigns, linked to landing pages and designed to entice your Facebook fans to virally spread your deals!

  • QR CODE strategy and implementation/Posters, Table Tents

  • SMS KEYWORD SHORT CODE Allow your customers to opt-in themselves.

  • STAFF TRAINING and interface for entry of new email recipients.Facebook/Twitter/Instagram “Likes” / “Follower” cultivation.FAN/OPT-IN 

  • BRANDING Our award-winning creative team will create the perfect slogan reflective of your business. We will also develop a basic logo for your brand if you don't have one.  

  • TWITTER 24 Twitter updates consistent with email campaigns, linked to landing pages and engineered to appeal to the Twitter community.TWITTER -

  • PROMOTIONAL CALENDAR Design of a 12-month promotional calendar with marketing experts who understand retail

  • COVER PAGE DESIGN ON FACEBOOK/TWITTER/GOOGLE BUSINESS/INSTAGRAM We'll conceived and aesthetically pleasing cover pages to make a great first impression

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