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Newfangled Commerce Viral Videos

Viral Videos
Travel back in time with us,  won’t you... to the mid-90’s.  The exclusive means to communicate a complex notion about why a customer should do business with your brand was Television/Cable.  Those ads were ridiculously expensive, offered blase, intense production, and undoubtedly, your brand paid to reach some viewers who could never possibly do business with your brand.
Jump back in the Delorean and to the present day.  Production is nimble and affordable, ad concepts are creative and disposable, and audiences can be drilled down and surgically targeted so ad-dollars are seldom wasted.  
So why choose Newfangled Commerce to produce and deliver your brand’s Viral Video?  

CREATIVE  - Newfangled Commerce Copywriters have passed the “Gladwell 10,000 hour rule” many years ago.  We have conceived thousands of campaigns for every category of business imaginable.   When it comes to concept, we always aim for your target consumers and search for answers to these questions.  What appeals to your target customers? Which emotion should we evoke?  How can we make your products or services the solution to their problems?  We never dust off old ideas, every campaign is fresh and home-baked with your business's input and direction as our key ingredients. 
Video ads shouldn’t take all day to shoot and do not require 4 weeks to produce.  Our team arrives at your business, ready to shoot with copy, concept, and camera.  Our goal is to get the shot with the least impact on your business operations as possible. We never rigidly stick to an idea.  We allow for a swift free flow of improvised ideas that sometimes result in a stronger concept than the initial idea.   In addition to the best possible equipment, our production includes professional voice over actors, jingles, drone shots, music beds, sound effects, aerial drone shots and basic visual effects that are all used in concert to achieve the perfectly tailored viral video. 
Modern Video delivery allows your brand to target by geography, age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, income level, job title, employer, household size and much more.  Gone are the days of hoping some fraction of a given audience will respond to your message.  Newfangled Commerce dials in your audience with you so money is wasted and maximum results are garnered. 

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