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A Feel-Good Life: The wandering, uncertain journey of a dad who loves his kids...and sometimes his dogs.." is a collection of blog columns reflecting the author's perspective during the his kids' childhoods and the challenges of being a flawed human, struggling with questions of meaning and purpose, trying to raise un-weird kids. Part memoir, part personal development, "A Feel-Good Life" speaks the language of the human heart. It can, at times, provoke a smile or a tear, but always reminds us of a simple truth: life is pretty good.

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About Dave Markwell

Dave Markwell is a middle-aged adolescent seeker of truths. He enjoys losing at cribbage to his daughter and giving his son money for gas. He likes reading, thinking, mowing the lawn, and standing barefooted by the grill, cooking marinated chicken. He is not afraid of a beer with his life-long buddies, of which he is blessed with many...sometimes, too many...but, he wouldn't change it...


Where to find Dave

Dave Markwell has many passions.  His children, his community (Des Moines, WA) fitness, friends and fun.  In addition to being a acclaimed fitness coach, Dave love connecting people with the home that will be the backdrop for their family's favorite memories.  He is also the proud owner of the Waterland Arcade & Sand Bar.  Yep, Beer & Pinball homes. 

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